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Stacy in PA writes in her "smart girl politics blog" about the current Democratic leadership:
"What have they accomplished in the last two years? Not much. It's not surprising that they have a 13% approval rating, 9% at it's low."

This, I cannot disagree with. They have been a tremendous disappointment. For starters, they should have impeached Bush. Of course, their excuse is they have a weak majority.

Then she goes on to say, with respect to fears of an Obama victory:
"There have only been a handful of times in our history where one party has had this much power in government."

Yeah, for example, the prior 6 years to the 2 mentioned above, the first 6 years of the G. W. Bush presidency. A what did they accomplish together, Bush and Congress, under that Republican majority leadership? Oh yeah:
  1. Abu Ghraib
  2. IRAQ
  3. Missing WMDs
  4. Hurricane Katrina
  5. Guantanamo
  6. Extraordinary Rendition
  7. Spying on Americans without warrants
  8. Continued failure to recognize Global Warming as a threat
  9. Torture justified and legalized
  10. Alberto Gonzales
  11. Donald Rumsfeld
  12. $9.1 trillion National Debt, up from $5.6 trillion
  13. Taking a budget surplus to the worst budget deficits in history
Yeah, good times. Good times.
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