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Women's March Observations

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We talk a lot about avoiding media spin and going directly to original sources. To that end, here's a few first-hand comments on what I saw.

There are a lot of different people, bringing different agenda to the women's march. Not everyone is on board with every one of these causes to the same degree. Whatever the official position of the organizers, from what I saw I would summarize the most unifying issues as:
  1. Trump disapproval
  2. Women's equality, generally
  3. Reproductive rights
From what I saw, Trump is a powerful unifying force, as much for his vulgarity as his policies. A lot of the women involved in these marches aren't generally activists, or at least they weren't before Trump. Another republican, with similar policies, but without all the ugliness that Trump brings, might not stir the same kind of movement. To a large degree, items #1 and #2 above are effectively the same thing. Trump is equated with misogyny and represents a giant step backwards on human rights generally, and women's rights and equality specifically.

Many on the right characterize this movement as a pro-choice movement (of course they would call it an "abortionist" movement). The right generally, and evangelicals especially, have traded their last ounce of dignity and moral authority defending a morally indefensible man because they see the ends of making all abortion illegal justifies the means. For them, it's all about abortion. Obviously, reproductive rights, women's choice, is a big issue. There were probably no "pro-life" women marching in the march in San Francisco but choice has been an issue with other administrations and this march is certainly not just about pro-choice vs. pro-life as much as the right may want to believe that. It's much bigger.

Women do not approve, Mr. Trump. It's not entirely about you, but you are a roadblock on their path toward equality and they will march right over you.

If you attended a march, let me know what you think.
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