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Trump the crusader? No, thank you.

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If you aren't aware of Q and the Anon army, the short version is it is a movement in which followers believe there is a highly placed agent or agents, perhaps a member of military intelligence or even someone in the Trump administration that has access to highly classified information, with the codename "Q" who posts intel drops on sites like 4chan for the Anons to decode. The Anons are the followers of Q. They believe there is a satanic cult, conveniently made up of all the usual liberal villains, starting with Clinton and Obama of course, and including many "Hollywood elites" too, and of course the media. The payoff is "The Storm" when all of them will go down, which is always just one more post away.

While many QAnons are just your run-of-the-mill MAGA zealots. Others claim they are "non-partisan" and claim their fight is "good against evil" where the evil bad-guys in this case are those practicing pedophilia and other atrocities and the good-guys are those trying to stop this global cult in a counter-coup. Since the bad-guys include the "deep state" military intelligence, the media, the democrats, most the world leaders, pretty much everyone except Trump and his died in the wool supporters, one cannot defeat them simply by gathering evidence and presenting a case to law enforcement. Oh no, it requires a 4-D chess game. And who better to orchestrate such a thing than the "really stable genius" himself, Donald Trump.

This is all widely discounted as whacky conspiracy theory and right wing fantasy.

Following on the heels of similar bullshit such as Pizzagate, it advances a fantastic web of deceit that wraps up Trumpism, deep state fearmongering, evil, satanic pedophilia rings controlled by the Democratic Party, investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, the Las Vegas shooting, and New World Order paranoia into a package easily and wholeheartedly promoted by internet cesspools and Alex Jones. -

But I want to set that aside for a moment. Let's, for the sake of argument, say there really is a massive cult of well-organized and well-placed pedophile bad-guys. If Donald Trump is the leader of the counter-coup, I say "No, thank you." There's got to be better way. I don't need to decipher a bunch of cryptic fortune cookie style "intel drops" to see who Donald Trump is. He's been showing us for more than thirty years. He has shown us he is a self-serving coward who lacks empathy. He's a pathological liar with no loyalty to anyone but himself. Trump has been married three times and has five children from three wives. He's an admitted adulterer and accused sexual predator (including pedophilia, by the way).

Hillary Clinton could be a pedophile. It's possible. But there has never been any evidence to show that. Or Obama either, who shows all signs of being a good family man and loyal husband and father. But with Trump, we don't have to look far to see his character flaws, and worse, much worse.

In order to embrace Trump as a savior in this, one has to ignore the blatant evidence right before our eyes and instead assemble incomplete bits from all manner of "alternative" sources, a narrative to fit the MAGA alternative-reality where Trump has none of the obvious character flaws and personality disorders that he displays on a daily basis. One cannot go back from there. Giving up ones principles is to give up everything, to forfeit oneself. Even if you win, you lose. If Trump is the only way offered to fight the bad-guys, then sorry, but I'll wait for something better. If the good guys in this story are like Trump, there's no place for me, just as if the people occupying heaven are the evangelicals condemning me and many people I love to hell, I'm not interested.

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