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Long GOP knives for Palin are distressing

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So today we're told that McCain staffers were concerned about Sarah Palin's lacking the "degree of knowledgeability necessary to be a running mate, a vice president, and a heartbeat away from the presidency," or so they told Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Carl Cameron.

She didn't know what countries that were in NAFTA (US, Canada, and Mexico) nor did she understand that Africa is a continent and not a country in itself.

Cameron told Bill O'Reilly that McCain aides were truly "shocked" at the lack of knowledge Sarah Palin displayed. She did not know many of the basics of civics and local/state/national duties. Beyond being so ignorant, she also utterly lacked self-awareness and wanted to be allowed to speak out freely despite her knowledge limitations. They say she refused coaching before the Katie Couric interviews.

They also speak of temper tanrums and tirades, although I doubt she would be the first candidate with that particular habit:

in the closing week or so... she took to yelling and screaming at aides over her press clippings, even "tossing papers" around.

So the truth appears to be that she was not "attacked by the liberal media" but in fact is what she appears to be. This is not coming from the "liberal media" - this is Fox News throwing her under the bus. That might say something about her chances for 2012.

Steve Schmidt (who reportedly picked Palin as VP) would not let her speak on election night.

For Sarah Palin haters, this is going to be fun to watch. However, what's really disturbing about this is that John McCain and his campaign, and the RNC, apparently knew Palin was clueless, but did nothing about it. So much for "Country First." To think that up until 24 hours ago, she was within striking distance of the white house. It's an absolute outrage! Even Republicans should be angry about it.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan on this same topic:

You know: I took a lot of grief for my pretty instant realization back in August that the Palin candidacy was a total farce. But when you cop to the fact that the McCain peeps knew most of that too very early on after their world-historical screw-up, you've got to respect and be terrified by their cynicism. I mean: country first?

And they only lost by a few points?
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Anonymous said...

It's a lost opportunity. We could have had America's First Special Needs VP .... literally.

Anonymous said...

Several Republicans are already encouraging Sarah Palin to prepare for the 2012 presidential run. Rush Limbaugh has gone so far as to call her "The next Ronald Reagan."

It's a pretty clear indication that there are some deep and fundamental problems within the party.

Unknown said...

i really hope she runs in 2012.
i hope that she's the best the GOP has to offer.

maybe it'll leave room for a decent third party candidate.

Anonymous said...

Palin’s a gifted politician and a quick study. You on the left who dismiss her are as dumb as some of you claim she is.