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With no public option, analysts raise health insurers price targets as "reform" moves through Congress

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First we had the "wealth transfer" bills, over $1.5 trillion, in the wall street and other bailouts - and now we have another "take from the middle class and give to corporations" plan in the, now completely debilitated, "health care reform" legislation.

Health insurers surge after key vote - The Associated Press

Credit Suisse Ups Targets on 7 Health Insurance Stocks -

Yes, our health care system in the U.S. sucks - that's a fact - and our health insurance system is terrible - but unfortunately this legislation, as it has been watered down, will not help. Well, at least it won't help anyone except the insurance companies (and presumably the crooked politicians who push it through).

This is just another form of corporate bailout, and for an industry that isn't even in trouble this time - they're just extra greedy - health insurers.

It's not about "socialism" or "big government" - it's that this bill has been thrashed and warped by corporate influences and no longer has anything for the people in it. It must be squashed. It looks like the U.S. will not be able to do what the rest of the industrialized world has done.

Those evil, socialized countries manage to pro­vide universal health care to their populations with better ­quality outcomes than ours and at about half the cost! So what do all of these countries have in com­mon? They all prohibit health­ insurance companies from being for-profit.

It sounds impossible here in the U.S. But it's not - at least in theory. Switzerland was the last of the developed countries to make that transition, which it did about 25 years ago. Their example shows that it is possible to develop a transition system in which the investors of for-prof­it health insurance companies don't get screwed.
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