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BP is not the root cause of this spill

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BP is clearly the proximate cause of the Gulf disaster. However, the root cause is you and me and our unending demand for oil.

I'm not saying we should let BP off the hook. But they would not be drilling a mile down from the surface unless there were people willing to pay for that oil. Those people are you and me. When you see those horribly sad pictures of heavily oiled Brown Pelicans, it's easy to blame the easy to dislike British aristocrat BP CEO. But really, we should be looking in the mirror - we're just as guilty as BP in killing those Pelicans and if we want to change it, we need to change our ways and start getting serious about alternative energy.

We want our cozy lifestyle but in getting it, our agents, including the CIA, the US military, and huge oil companies like BP, are hurting others so that we can be comfy and cozy. A leads to B. Stop burying our heads in the sand.

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They also wouldn't have been drilling so far out if our government had simply allowed them to drill in their originally planned location which was in a mere 500 feet of water. But our government said no, but said they could drill further out. Specifically in a depth that nobody had drilled at before.