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I disagree about agreeing to disagree

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My brother and I attended the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" in Washington DC (at the last minute, we drove down from Philly).

It was crowded and fun and had a good vibe, if a bit too hipster for my tastes. The crowd was very diverse, across pretty much every dimension, ethnicity, demographics and, despite the hipsters, representing many age groups.

But the whole thing left me a little empty. I understand the frustration people feel with all media that goes for ratings by pushing hot buttons of all sizes and shapes. But somewhere in all this, I feel that Stewart's message is telling me "just roll over, keep quiet, quit making waves." The Rally seemed to be speaking to the old-school "Independents" with no ideology who sit back and wait to be inspired.

The message of "agreeing to disagree" misses the point that differences matter. Sure "Sanity" is all well and good, but "compromise" is not always the answer either. Sometimes there are ideas worth fighting for.
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Anonymous said...

I don't think the message of the rally really had a political stance, nor did it mean to. It was only saying the sides need to be more rational and honest with the facts.
I do believe agreeing to disagree and unreasonable comprise with the crazies that seem to control the right often makes little sense. But the U S constitution is an excellent example of it working right.