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Putting faces to "these people" who voted against the 9-11 First Responders Bill

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Shepard Smith and Fox News are getting all kinds of credit for their rant about Congress failing to pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010

However, what a lot of people didn't seem to notice is that the Fox anchors never mention that it was Republicans that blocked the bill. Instead, they use terms like "these people" and "congress" or the dreaded "they" - Shepard calls "them" out to be accountable. So who are "they?" Well, listed below are the senators responsible for this "national disgrace" including their photos so we can remember their smiling faces and links to their page on

Sen. Lamar Alexander [R, TN]
Sen. John Barrasso [R, WY]
Sen. Robert Bennett [R, UT]
Sen. Christopher Bond [R, MO]
Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA]
Sen. Jim Bunning [R, KY]
Sen. Richard Burr [R, NC]
Sen. Saxby Chambliss [R, GA]
Sen. Thomas Coburn [R, OK]
Sen. Thad Cochran [R, MS]
Sen. Susan Collins [R, ME]
Sen. Bob Corker [R, TN]
Sen. John Cornyn [R, TX]
Sen. Michael Crapo [R, ID]
Sen. Jim DeMint [R, SC]
Sen. John Ensign [R, NV]
Sen. Michael Enzi [R, WY]
Sen. Lindsey Graham [R, SC]
Sen. Charles Grassley [R, IA]
Sen. Judd Gregg [R, NH]
Sen. Orrin Hatch [R, UT]
Sen. Kay Hutchison [R, TX]
Sen. James Inhofe [R, OK]
Sen. John Isakson [R, GA]
Sen. Mike Johanns [R, NE]
Sen. Mark Kirk [R, IL]
Sen. Jon Kyl [R, AZ]
Sen. George LeMieux [R, FL]
Sen. Richard Lugar [R, IN]
Sen. John McCain [R, AZ]
Sen. Mitch McConnell [R, KY]
Sen. Lisa Murkowski [R, AK]
Sen. James Risch [R, ID]
Sen. Pat Roberts [R, KS]
Sen. Jefferson Sessions [R, AL]
Sen. Richard Shelby [R, AL]
Sen. Olympia Snowe [R, ME]
Sen. John Thune [R, SD]
Sen. David Vitter [R, LA]
Sen. George Voinovich [R, OH]
Sen. Roger Wicker [R, MS]

Note: Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, switched his vote to 'no' at the last moment in a parliamentary move that allows him to bring the measure up again for a vote. [See AP Story for details]

Source: Roll call number 269 in the Senate:

Full info on the bill:
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